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After studying at the Ecole du Louvre and the Marquetry Restoration School in Paris, Marisol worked in the film industry as an outfitter, before moving to Washington DC. Commissioned to paint a large mural at a private property and sourcing mid-century furniture, she nourished her interest in architecture and fostered her interior design skills.

Marisol moved to London where she raised her family and began to work with sculpture and clay. She was taught initially by Chris Bramble and she now has two kilns, one in London and a second in France so that she can work in both countries.

"Clay is a funny thing, quite like children. It never totally does what you thought it would, so you learn to appreciate the qualities of the end result. I sometimes wonder if a vessel being a different colour, split or broken in the firing, is not ultimately the outcome the work was destined for, rather than the initial idea that I had in mind. With clay, nothing is set because it is alive. Trying to tame clay is a constant challenge and always an adventure".

Marisol’s work is held in private collections in the UK and France.

Exhibitions include London Art Fair (2023, 2024), 'In aid of Women for Women International' with Anne Singer at Tomasz Starzewski showroom (2020), Private exhibition with Rachel Shaw Ashton (2018), Seeing Beyond in aid of Breast Cancer Haven at the Piers Feetham Gallery (2017), The London Potters Exhibition, award winner 2014, 2016.

Marisol donates 10% from all sales to charities that support women or matters related to women.

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